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Can you put human and pet ashes in glass?

Yes, they become a beautiful milky-way like swirl of white within the glass.

How much ash do you need to create a piece? 

Most pieces require about a tablespoon of ash to create.

How do I get the ashes to you?

You can send the ashes in small container to us or a plastic bag in a well-sealed envelope. If you’d rather not handle them yourself, let us know and we can make other arrangements with you.

Would it be better to bring the ashes to the Yukon personally?

If you can it’s an amazing pilgrimage. You fill find, like Luann, that the Yukon is a healing land. 

How long will it take to receive my piece?

We prioritize ashwork pieces at the studio and place them at the top of our production list. As soon as we receive the ashes from you, your piece will be created and sent back to you within days. The whole process generally takes a few weeks from start to finish.

Can I send ashes across the border?

Yes, as long as they are contained in a well-sealed envelope.

Can I carry ashes on an airplane and bring them to you?

Yes. There is no paperwork or authorization required to carry cremation ashes on an airplane. Just let security know that you have them with you before you board.

Can I come to the studio when you make my item?

We love having visitors to our studio. When it is safe to do so you are more than welcome to come and watch us create, or even take part in the creation of the ashwork item. Taking part in the process can be a powerful act of healing and celebration, many people find it to be a healing pilgrimage.

Why are your prices lower than many other ashwork glass makers?

Our prices are not a reflection of quality or care. We keep our prices low because of our commitment to making ashwork accessible for all those who would like to honor their loved ones in this way.

How do you ensure glass ashwork doesn’t break during shipping? 

Artisan handmade glass is so much stronger than you might realize and we pack our parcels so that they could drop one meter without anything breaking. 

Can broken glass ashwork be repaired?

Yes. Contact us for more information. It becomes a slightly different entity but within that there is beauty because it mirrors the fracture in life. 

If your question has not been answered in our FAQs please contact us and we'll respond as soon as possible!