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Lumel Studios in Whitehorse, Yukon, is a place for happiness, a place for grief, and a place of respite. For many, we are a community hub where diverse people can come together to learn, create, and heal. Any and all are welcome here.

Our ashwork pieces are created one at a time, with care and compassion. Visit our shop for a selection of items we create that encapsulate the people and pets that you love.  If you have something unique in mind, we are always happy to work with you to create a custom design that reflects and honours your loved one.


I had the pleasure of dealing with Lu in having my Dad's ashes made into glass. She was wonderful to deal with, very compassionate and the end results were absolutely stunning. A lovely remembrance of him that we can cherish always. Thank you again!


Lumel made two glass orbs and a glass bird that contained the cremated remains of my dogs and they turned out beautifully. I’m so happy to have my beloved dogs remembered in a beautiful piece of art in my window.


Rondi's Northern Lights Hearts


The very act of blowing glass, which creates strength from fragility, is what drew our founder, Luann Baker-Johnson, to the artform as a grieving mom. 

"I have lived life well, travelled extensively, and lived in Austria, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia and Canada. I am a student, an artist, an author, a marathon runner, a skydiver, a mother of six, and a motivator. I am many things, but the one event that most influenced my life was watching Rondi, my nineteen year old daughter, die. Grief intertwines all that I am, and it plays an important role in how I carry out my life and manage Lumel Studios.

You will see that this site is different from others. It is not as sterile, and it has images of smiling people. Tam is holding a Northern Lights bear in her hands while she talks with Mark. The bear holds the ashes of her husband, Scott, who died far too young, Dave is joyously laughing with Lisa as she holds a sun with her puppy’s ashes. She brought the ashes to our studio and Dave helped her create the sun. Grieving is present within all the objects and people on our site and yet, like you, we still smile, laugh, and live within the shadows of sorrow and pain.

Two years ago, I created Northern Lights hearts with my daughter’s ashes, it was difficult and yet somehow it was okay…there are no English words to describe my feelings, they combined with the heat, fire and molten glass to create a single moment of calm. The hearts were for Rondi’s younger sister’s wedding. The bridesmaids had the necklace and heart and the groomsmen had hearts for their pockets. We all miss Rondi dearly and in a very singular way she was at her sister’s wedding.

I discovered glass art as a healing pursuit in my life. I went to art school to heal, to grow and to learn to laugh again. Life leads us down uncertain pathways – may your own pathway lead to moments of calm and laughter that help to dampen your sorrow."

Luann Baker-Johnson

Our Process

After you contact us with your requested piece or custom design idea, we’ll connect with you to learn more about your desired artwork and your vision. If you feel able, it’s lovely when you can tell us a bit about the animal or person whose ashes we will be working with. This becomes a part of an acknowledgment of their lives as we create the piece commemorating them.

We’ll ask you to mail us about a teaspoon to tablespoon of cremation ashes in a well-sealed envelope or container. If you are close by, you are welcome to bring the ashes in person, walk into the studio, pick the colours, and help create the artwork or watch it being made. 

If you would like to visit our studio and be part of the process and you’re not in the Yukon, we encourage you to wait until it’s safe to travel to this wondrous land and join us as we create together. Many people find this to be a healing pilgrimage. 

Our clients often tell us that having their loved one’s ashes commemorated in glass, instead of languishing in the back of a closet, brings them renewed joy and comfort.

Our Home

We are proud to be based in Whitehorse, the city with the least air pollution in the world. We are committed to doing our part for the environment and we do everything we can to be good stewards of the land we live on, including running on solar energy and recycling our glass.

One of the most magical parts of living where we do is witnessing the splendour of the aurora borealis—commonly called the Northern Lights. These are the incredible light displays caused by electrically charged particles from the sun colliding with earth’s atmosphere near the north pole. 

There are many Indigenous legends about the Northern Lights being connected to the spirit world. The Inuit, Cree, Algonquin, and Kwanlin Dün all have stories about the Northern Lights reflecting the spirits of their ancestors. We feel honored to work with the ashes of loved ones under these wondrous, healing skies.