You dream it, we create it

Handcrafted with care by skilled glass artists

Each piece of ashwork we create at Lumel Studios is as unique as the loved one it celebrates. We offer a wide selection of ashwork designs in small, medium, and large sizes, ranging from simple pebbles to large, intricate sculptures. 

Popular items include hanging orbs, flowers, hummingbirds, dragonflies, pendants, solid hearts, sitting dogs and cats, and more. You may notice that our prices are lower than what you’ll see at other studios. This is not a reflection of the quality of our work or the care we put into each piece, but rather an indication of our commitment to making our work accessible for all those who would like to honor their loved ones in this way. 

If you are searching for something unique, we also create custom pieces that capture the spirit and personality of your people and pets.

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